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Notes from the Beeyard
Season 1
Episode 10
Running Time 15:17
Illinois River, North Park, Colorado
Illinois River, North Park, Colorado

Tom Theobald remembers a road trip. Tom and Laura chat about the Meeker Classic and Australian Shepherds.

“We had picked up a bridge spike somewhere and were sinking ever so slowly as air bled from the right rear tire. Not wanting to change the tire unless I absolutely had to, I elected to try for Buford, thirty miles away. Sheep are being moved out of the high country now, and as luck would have it, we came upon a band of about 300 moving down the road. We crept through slowly as they parted like a school of wooly fish, hoping the air in the tire would outlast the sheep.”

The Meeker Classic Sheepdog Championship Trials

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Tom Theobald
Tom Theobald standing next to one of his two-queen colonies in Boulder County, Colorado.

Notes from the Beeyard is a weekly podcast about the joys and disappointments of beekeeping.

From 1990 to 2016 Colorado beekeeper Tom Theobald wrote a weekly column, Notes from the Beeyard, for a regional farm and ranch magazine.

Tom’s initial plan for Notes from the Beeyard was to document a single year in his life as a beekeeper – swarm management, working toward the honey flow, bears – and so on. Over time, the column grew to hold much more. Notes from the Beeyard is about the joys and disappointments of beekeeping. It’s about the Colorado landscape, friendship, the fabric of Western life, and the passage of time.

Listen to Notes from the Beeyard to hear Tom read stories about beekeeping. Enjoy the conversation that follows as Tom and Notes from the Beeyard podcast host, Laura Tyler, chat about Tom’s stories.

Tom Theobald

“There are few crafts which draw one as intimately into the natural order of things as the bees do, and even after years of beekeeping I often found myself standing in awe at some event I witnessed in my work.”

Tom Theobald is an author and beekeeper who has lived and kept bees in Niwot, Colorado for over 40 years.

Laura Tyler

“I love talking with beekeepers and listening to stories about their lives because working with bees is fascinating and can feel adventuresome.”

Laura Tyler is a media producer and visual artist with over 20 years experience keeping bees in Boulder, Colorado.