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• Season 1 
• Episode 7

Nobody Motors Anymore

White Rocks Trail near Teller Farm South, Boulder County, Colorado
White Rocks Trail near Teller Farm South, Boulder County, Colorado

Tom Theobald paints a picture of small town life gleaned from The Niwot Tribune. Tom and Laura chat about pace and the perspective shift that happens when you work with bees.

“Another entry appeared for June 22, 1939. All it said was, “Sam Harvey and A.L. Newell motored to Sterling last Saturday.” My first thought was, what a quaint way to describe a trip. When was the last time you motored anywhere? But then I realized that it was really more than quaint, it reflected a way of life, a pace from the past, a view of things that I have always found attractive and seductive.”

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Producer: Laura Tyler

Author: Tom Theobald

Editor: Andy Schwarz

Music: "Americana" and "Sonorus" by Mr Smith are licensed under CC by 4.0

Logo Design: Janet Cerretani


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  1. A great edition. They mirror our thoughts about the way things have changed.
    Sunday we had to ‘motor’ to DIA for family returning to town. Even though it was relatively ‘light’ traffic on late Sunday afternoon and evening it was still too much. Too many people rushing around . Too much crowd at the airport. And we were greatly relieved to get back to Wyoming where it is relatively more quiet and peaceful.

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