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• Season 1 
• Episode 13

Closing Down

A yellow maple leaf glows near the Honey House, Boulder County, Colorado
A yellow maple leaf glows near the Honey House, Boulder County, Colorado

Tom Theobald describes the bittersweet nature of fall.

“I find a certain sense of sadness and melancholy on these last rounds. Hives which were tall and stately in July, now sit short and unobtrusive with the honey supers gone. The colonies are still strong and active on the warm afternoons, but there is little for them to work on and we both seem to sense that things are closing down.”

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Producer: Laura Tyler

Author: Tom Theobald

Editor: Andy Schwarz

Music: "Americana" and "Sonorus" by Mr Smith are licensed under CC by 4.0

Logo Design: Janet Cerretani



  1. What perfect timing for this column with Tom finally going into hospice and sounding so incredibly sad and distant with a good bye in his voice as Tracy handed him the phone and told him it was Otsie. A very very teary moment as doubt there will be another call….you all do such a great job with this blog and hearing Tom read these columns that I read so many years ago . It’s autumn for sure and very hearth felt good bye to my very dear friend Of 55 years

    • Beautiful, Otsie! Thank you for sharing. 🤍

  2. We’ve known Tom for a very long time and until these recordings, we never really grasped how poetic he really is.
    Another good episode with more observations about Koko as well.
    We hope these sessions keep up for a very long time.

    • We were able to record 40 episodes with Tom before he passed. The most beautiful ones are yet to come. 🤍

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