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• Season 1 
• Episode 10

Back Roads to Meeker

Illinois River, North Park, Colorado
Illinois River, North Park, Colorado

Tom Theobald remembers a road trip. Tom and Laura chat about the Meeker Classic and Australian Shepherds.

“We had picked up a bridge spike somewhere and were sinking ever so slowly as air bled from the right rear tire. Not wanting to change the tire unless I absolutely had to, I elected to try for Buford, thirty miles away. Sheep are being moved out of the high country now, and as luck would have it, we came upon a band of about 300 moving down the road. We crept through slowly as they parted like a school of wooly fish, hoping the air in the tire would outlast the sheep.”

The Meeker Classic Sheepdog Championship Trials

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Producer: Laura Tyler

Author: Tom Theobald

Editor: Andy Schwarz

Music: "Americana" and "Sonorus" by Mr Smith are licensed under CC by 4.0

Logo Design: Janet Cerretani



  1. loved this one- brought tears as i listened to Tom recount his time on this Journey to Meeker and reveal his kind heart on so many levels I have never owned one, or worked with one, but I am always mesmerized watching the dogs work the sheep. Suzanne

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