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• Season 1 
• Episode 20

Memory Wood

Woodpile, Buxton, Maine
Woodpile, Buxton, Maine

Tom and Laura chat about wood heat and how to be a good friend.

“We developed a friendship that transcended the bees. I was drawn to him because he was a man of character and I could see that. He had strong convictions and strong beliefs. He was about 10 years older than me. But even after the bees faded, one or the other of us would always make an effort to contact the other, maybe once a year, no more often than that, just to get together for a cup of coffee . . . “

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Producer: Laura Tyler

Author: Tom Theobald

Editor: Andy Schwarz

Music: "Americana" and "Sonorus" by Mr Smith are licensed under CC by 4.0

Logo Design: Janet Cerretani


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